The on-line Sales Terminal that connects you with the European Healthcare Market for 0€*

A validated Supply Network made up of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with a shared need to immediately purchase or sell healthcare products authorised for sale in Europe.

*We invoice an initial variable charge of 2.5% (and as low as 1.5%) of the total amount transacted through your sales and purchases.


Wholesale Version

The Wholesale Version promotes the wholesale business of European manufacturers and distributors.


Local manufacturers

Holders of a product marketing authorisation, with or without experience in European sales.

Manufacturers currently active in European sales

Accustomed to marketing products in Europe through agreements provided by traditional means.

Distributors experienced in parallel trade

of medicines, other Health products, other cosmetics and perfumes.

Active distributors

In the local sale of European portfolios.

Pharmaceutical distributors

With no experience in European Community sales but with access to a domestic product.

Pharmaceutical Cooperatives

Interested in new ways to procure products and sell their stock in Europe.

Reduce the
transaction charge
for 30 days

Buy or sell €100,000 in stock before 1st June and pay 2% on your following transactions until July


Promotion valid from 02/05/2016 to 31/05/2016. Offer can be accumulated for purchases and sales made while the promotion is valid.

You should know


Management of purchases

Ordering with the aim of immediate purchase.

When you create an order using the terminal you must maintain a professional and committed attitude in order to promote, together with other users, a live network of instant and real demand.


Management of sales

Only stock available
is posted.

Upload the stock you currently have available in your warehouse to the Healthcare Network to maintain an available and effective global supply.


Pharmaceutical traceability

All operations record and display medicinal product batch numbers.

All product postings, order documents, invoices and operational summaries display the batch numbers and expiry dates of products traded during purchases and sales.


Pharmaceutical alert and withdrawal system

The terminal automatically manages alerts and withdrawals of medicines on the market through posted and operated batch traceability.

Affected batches are deleted from the terminal, in accordance with the standard operating procedures put in place by the TSN® pharmaceutical warehouse responsible for monitoring.


Save time

Effortlessly access more professional environments and all healthcare products marketed in Europe.


Reduce costs

Manage your business on-line with no investment, without dedicated human resources or distribution agreements. Lower the cost of your purchases and your sales.


Improve your buying and selling prices

Create and negotiate new orders for each of your sales.


Multiply your operations

By connecting your sales/purchases to new markets, suppliers and customers, you are provided with new business opportunities through spontaneous transactions based on price and availability.


Improve your functionality

Identify the numerous business opportunities in any market of the European Union with greater speed and efficiency.

Join the infrastructure that is changing the healthcare distribution market in Europe.

The European Healthcare Supply Network